background image
with dot leaders (a row of dots or periods) is an eye-friendly way to connect each food
item to its price.
12. Obtain some samples of actual restaurant menus. Analyze the design and style of
each, and use them as a guide to create your menu.
13. Hold a blank sheet of paper the long way (landscape) and fold it in half creating a
booklet style format. Sketch a thumbnail design of your menu on this paper.
Note: The menu will be designed using a booklet-style format printed on two sides. When
folded in half the long way (landscape), the menu will be divided into four equal size
panels. The information to include on each panel is given below.
Outside Front Panel:
1. Place the word "Menu" using a large text size in the top-center of the outside front
2. Include the Frillio's Pizza logo on the outside front panel.
3. Add the Frillio's Pizza slogan "The best pizzeria in town" to the outside front panel.
4. Add the text "All of our menu items are also available for takeout."
5. Place the following contact information on the bottom center of the outside front
111 Pepperoni Drive, Saucy, CA 92888
Phone Number:
Web site:
6. Add additional text, design elements, and/or graphic images that will help make the
outside front panel of the menu look attractive and professional.
Inside Left and Right Panels:
1. Add the Frillio's Pizza menu items and prices. See pages 52 and 53 for a complete
listing of the menu items and prices.
2. If space is an issue, you may place a portion of the menu items and prices on the
outside back panel of the menu.
3. Add graphic images of various food items listed to enhance the visual appeal of the
Part 5 Continued - Frillio's Pizza Menu
Note: You may not make any changes to the menu items and their prices. You may,
however, add catchy adjectives, phrases, and/or descriptions that make the menu items
more appealing and appetizing. For example, under the menu item "Homemade Mozzarella
" you might add a description that reads "Breaded, fried, and oozing with cheese."
For Evaluation Purposes Only