This category includes all mid-size buses that offer a variety of floorplans from standard seated configurations to the more customized seating combinations. Models can include rail chassis, cutaway, stripped chassis platforms, or integrated type construction. In this category are featured bus brands that include Arboc SV, Embassy (SVO Group), Elkhart Coach, and REV Group brands Champion, Goshen, ElDorado and World Trans. ARBOC Spirit of Freedom LOW FLOOR The Spirit of Freedom utilizes only General Motors standard suspension to create a low-floor, ADA compliant bus capable of 1:5 ramp angle; all with an exceptional ultra-low price point. With a spacious 39” entry opening and low step height, this is an ideal bus for airport, hotel, and resort shuttles, as well as transit agencies. Utilizing the GM suspension has the added benefit of impressively driving down maintenance costs over the life cycle making it comparable to any standard floor cutaway. The Spirit of Freedom is aggressively entering new markets for today and beyond. ARBOC SPECIALTY VEHICLES ARE ISO CERTIFIED AND ALTOONA TESTED Overall length: Wheelbase: Overall height: Overall width: Chassis: Engine: Transmission: GVWR: 24’, 27’ & 29’ 165”, 191”& 210” 112” 96” GM G4500 GM 6.0L V8 gas Automatic 14,200 ARBOC Specialty Vehicles LLC 51165 Greenfield Pkwy Middlebury, IN 46540 A B us Ex c h a n g e P u b l i c a tio n Ex Tel: Fax: Web: 574-825-4880 574-825-1750 37