ARBOC Spirit of Mobility LOW FLOOR The ARBOC Spirit of Mobility is built on a conventional GM cutaway with all passengers entering through the same 39” wide door opening. The interior offers theater seating for better viewing for all riders. The Spirit of Mobility low-floor bus offers a full air-ride suspension with a beneficial kneeling feature allowing for an entrance of less than 5” from the curb without deploying the ramp. The Spirit of Mobility provides a single, non-discriminatory angled and accessible entranceway. Riders of all abilities no longer need to contend with steps in the most accessible cutaway bus in the industry today. Now every passenger, including wheelchair riders and those in power scooters, can experience what true Random Access really means. ARBOC SPECIALTY VEHICLES ARE ISO CERTIFIED AND ALTOONA TESTED Overall Length: Wheelbase: Overall Height Overall Width: Chassis: Engine: Transmission: GVWR: 23’ , 26’, 28’ 165”, 191” & 210” 110” 96” GM G4500 GM 6.0L V8 gas Automatic 14,200 ARBOC Specialty Vehicles LLC 51165 Greenfield Pkwy Middlebury, IN 46540 Tel: Fax: Web: 574-825-4880 574-825-1750 Champion LF Transport The Champion LF Transport offers equal access, comfort, and dignity for all passengers in a vehicle everyone can appreciate. Passengers and operators alike will be pleased with the spacious interior cabin, smooth vehicle ride, and panoramic views seen through the large windows. A uniformly-sloped EqualizerRamp ramp and a variety of kneeling options are the essence of accessibility. *Three different suspension options to choose from; Non-Kneeling OEM Spring, Squat™ Hydraulic Kneeling, and FlexBus™ Electronic Kneeling *Industry’s only bus manufacturer that is Ford QVM certified to build low-floor models on the E and F Series cutaway chassis; available in a gas, diesel or 91G OEM hardened-engine package for alternative fuels while retaining the OEM engine warranties. *First-ever transit front cap with large panoramic forward observation windows for enhanced aesthetics and passenger views, while still adhering to FMVSS 220 rollover testing standards *Maintaining the integrity of the driveline, the LF Transport upholds Ford’s rigorous QVM standards, allowing the OEM warranties to be honored at local Ford service centers Technology Drives Accessibility. Seating Capacity: Length: Width: Height: Engine: Transmission: Chassis: Air Conditioning: Wheelchair: Steering: Suspension: Wheelbase: Up to 27 passengers 24’-29’ 96’-102” 110”-117” 6.8L Gas, 6.7L Diesel, 91G CNG (Ford), 6.6L Gas, 6.6L Diesel (GM) 5 or 6-speed automatic Ford E-450, Ford F-550, GM 4500 Customer preference Lift Equalizer Ramp™ OEM Electronic Air Ride 186”, 189”, 195” 208”, 240” Champion Bus 331 Graham Rd. Imlay City, MI 48444 A B us Ex c h a n g e P u b l i c a tio n Ex Tel: 800-776-4943/810-724-6474 Fax: 810-724-1844 Web: 39