mid-size bus Goshen Coach Impulse Designed with style, a spacious interior, flat exterior walls and a stylized front cap, Goshen Coach offers the Impulse as a comfortable and spacious choice with a fuel-efficient weight rating. This model has been styled inside and out, with a streamlined design and superior aerodynamics. If you’re ready for an impressive vehicle while maintaining an economic advantage, the Impulse is for you. * Designed to be lightweight without sacrificing safety, quality, or ride performance * Offered in 20’ - 27’ models to accommodate non-CLD to large scale transit and retail needs *From modular wiring systems, and easy-to-clean finishes to antimicrobial fabrics, we strive to find every possible way to ease your maintenance workload * Goshen’s ISO9000 quality program ensures 300 components are cycle and function tested before we ship your bus * Exceeds FMVSS220, FMVSS214, and 7 year/200,000 mile Altoona durability requirements and more. Designed for Dependability. Seating Capacity: Length: Width (Exterior): Height (Exterior): Engine: Transmission: Chassis: Air Conditioning: Wheelchair Lift: Steering: Suspension: Wheelbase: Up to 29 passengers Up to 328” 96” 115” Gas 6 speed/Automatic Ford or Chevy OEM Dash Available as an option Power Heavy-duty suspension available as option 138” - 208” ElDorado 1655 Wall St. Salina, KS 67401 Tel: 800-850-1287 Fax: 785-823-9471 Web: www.goshencoach.com World Trans E and G Series Precisely engineered to be lighter, stronger and safer; the World Trans E and G series will meet all of your needs and exceed your expectations. The unique modular construction will create a quieter, durable, and more fuel efficient bus with less waste and in a fraction of the time - put together in a smart looking package. The World Trans E and G series buses feature an exclusive modular construction provides unparalleled flexibility, safety and style, spacious interior with maximum window visibility enhance the passenger experience, and high-strength galvanized steel flooring, roof and walls provides superior durability and rust prevention. They have increased seating capacity and improved fuel efficiency which are enabled by an incredibly strong and lightweight structure. Fiberglass front and rear caps produce a clean, sleek and modern look and both exceed FMVSS220, FMVSS214, and 7 Year/200,000 mile Altoona durability requirements. Driving Intelligence. Seating Capacity: Length: Width: Height: Engine: Transmission: Chassis: Steering: Suspension: Wheelbase: Up to 25 Up to 320” 88”, 96” 117”, 122” 6.8L Gas (Ford), 6.0L Gas (GM) 5 Speed Auto (Ford), 4 Speed Auto (GM) Ford E Series, GM G Series Power OEM, upgrades available Up to 190” ElDorado 1655 Wall St. Salina, KS 67401 Tel: 800-850-1287 Fax: 785-823-9471 Web: www.worldtransbus.com 2017 Il l ustrated Gui de to N orth Ameri can B uses 42