Hometown’s Carriage S Trolley The Carriage S model is our straight rail version of the Carriage produced on the Ford E450. This trolley is economically priced to accommodate many forms of private or par-transit applications such as limousine, private tour, church, weddings, wineries, stadiums or malls. Standard features are the vintage cast aluminum seating with oak slats, finished oak interior trim, mechanical driver seat, brass or brushed stainless hand railings and more optional equipment such as limo salon seating, DVD flat screen system, dry bar, upgraded sound system spiral brass, faux wood transit flooring are all examples of upgrades to customize the Carriage S model to the exact for of transportation with style. Meets or exceeds FMVSS, DOT and SAE standards. Passenger Capacity: Chassis: Overall Length: Overall Width: Overall Height: Door Opening: Wheelbase: GVW: Engine: Fuel: Transmission: 20-24 Ford E450 21’-24’ 96”-99” 123” 38”x78” 159” and 176” 14,500 lb. Ford Triton 6.8 liter V10 Gasoline, LPG or CNG Ford Automatic Hometown Trolley by Double K Inc. 750 Industrial Parkway Crandon, WI, 54520 Tel: 715-478-5090 Fax: 715-478-5095 Web: www.hometowntrolley.com Hometown’s Mainstreet Trolley The Mainstreet Trolley Series are heavy-duty rear-engined models that afford high passenger capacity and a stable, quiet and comfortable ride. Mainstreet Trolley buses combine the nostalgic look of a “turn of the century” cable car with the state of the art features of a modern city transit bus. Hometown’s Mainstreet Trolley model utilizes the latest technology available today in major components and systems, to provide the highest possible reliability, lowest maintenance and downtime, yet meet today’s strict environmental standards. A number of options are available, that include an ADA package with platform or in-step lifts, air conditioning, public address systems, passenger chime with lighted “stop request”, fare boxes, and many more options. Mainstreet Trolleys are certified Altoona Tested, and Canada Transport Approved. In addition Mainstreet models meet or exceed FMVSS and DOT standards. Passenger Capacity: 24-42 Chassis: Freightliner XB-S Overall Length: 30’ - 40’ Overall Width: 99” Overall Height: 128” Door Opening: 36” X 92” Wheelbase: 178/190/208/228” GVWR: 26,000 - 32,000 lb. Engine: Cummins diesel, CNG and LPG available in 2015 Transmission: Allison Hometown Trolley by Double K Inc. 750 Industrial Parkway Crandon, WI, 54520 A B us Ex c h a n g e P u b l i c a tio n Ex Tel: 715-478-5090 Fax: 715-478-5095 Web: www.hometowntrolley.com 49