s u p pl i ers contents advertising sponsors ................ 6 suppliers by company............... 7 product categories ................. 32 products & services ............... 36 Suppliers to the bus industry are listed in alphabetical order by company name in the “Suppliers” section, and by product or service category in the “Product & Services” section. To more accurately determine product category check the yellow page “Product Category” Section. It is estimated that, all segments included, public transit, student, private/commercial, and vocational, there are some one million bus vehicles currently in service throughout North America, providing perhaps some 20-billion passenger trips annually. To support this essential industry requires a multitude of parts, components, products, and services from many industry manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers. The North American Bus Industry Source Directory serves as a compact, easy-touse “Look-Up” reference for industry buyers to source out virtually any kind of product or service that may be required. The Source Directory is mailed free-of-charge to industry executives, owners, managers, and key decision-makers throughout North America, and available online to everyone. You are invited to visit us at: busexchange.com Bus Exchange Publications reserves all rights to this publication under international copyright law. No portion of this Directory may be copied nor distributed by any means, electronic or otherwise, without the express written permission of the publisher. Bus Exchange Publications media@busexchange.com 772-621-4805 4 2017 North American Bus Industry Source Directory