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About UniFlip A/S

Located in Denmark, UniFlip Inc. is a self-financed software company in Compu-Trade Holding Inc. Always on the forefront of technological development,

UniFlip's customer base includes large corporations, small businesses, professional organizations and associations, educational institutions, non-profit associations and private individuals.

With more than 30 years of experience in information technology, UniFlip understands the key issues involved in providing online Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, as well as the importance of service and support for our clients. The UniFlip server is screened 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

All of UniFlip's systems are backed-up daily so that client publications are always accessible. Additionally, UniFlip employs some of the most skilled and creative programming specialists in the industry.

UniFlip is a member of several international environmental science, media and technology programmes, which helps ensure that UniFlip complies with applicable international legislation, regulations, and guidelines for sales and services via the Internet, and offers its customers the best and cost effective solutions modern technology has to offer.
More than 30 years experience and market leader in the change from traditional print to digital e-publlications and other documents!
UniFlip has the highest ranking with credit agencies around the world UniFlip A/S is a strong 100% self-financed company in Compu-Trade Holding A/S, which through a number of years has been awarded the highest grades within solvency from international credit agencies such as Dun & Bradstreet and Experian
Online self-publishing tool - 24/7

UniFlip is an online self-service publishing system and takes your documents, reports, catalogs or magazines and publishes them into a multi-media format that looks like a physical binded book with pages that actually flip.

There is no software to download and install, and no back-and-forth with Flash designers to get your content the way you want it and tyou can create and publish 24/7.

Self-Publishing on all electronic devices - on web, smartphones, tablet, Facebook pages and offline gives our clients the opportunity and get acces to millions of readers, and you will get a bigger return on your investment when publishing e-publications in e-format..

More than 80.000 professional clients from more than 80 countries make use of the self-service system and produce and distrubute their e-publication with Uniflip self-service tool.

No waiting time for approvals and account setup - 24/7:

One of the big advantages in our business concept is that the system is based on 100% self-service without any waiting time, no matter the geogracal location, or the time of the day.

The system create a personel user account and register all transactions (including payments and more), and you can get started, whenever you are ready.
Professional users all over the world
Returning professional users from all over the world are depending on our support and systems are running 24/7.
Uniflip web site is secured!
A few Client Samples:

Magazine of the United Nations Enviroment Programme (UNEP) The Olympic Commitee media guide (London 2012) in digital format

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UniFlip Customer Service are available to answer your general questions regarding our products and services, licenses and more.

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UniFlip A/S, Tune Parkvej 5, DK-4030 Tune, Denmark

Company phone: +45 7022 7069
Company registration number.: DK2128 8985
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