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Unique price concept

The prices are very different from other systems on the market, as you pay for services related to your needs, which we find most fair!
We do not force you to pay monthly fees or use of our web hosting, and you can download the e-publication, and publish from any web server/hotel without any connection to UniFlip.
You will find all details in regards to our flexible price system below.
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Convert your PDF and publish interactive publications in flip page format

See some of the benefits using UniFlip

Responsive Design

HTML5 in responsive design is highly recommended by all leading experts for a better experience for your readers. The flipbook adjusts to the size of the screen and size of the browser window.

Publish World-Wide

Choose from 23 languages when you convert your PDF into flip pages.
Your readers will see tooltips and navigation text in their native language.


Insert your logo, change colors, navigation icons, background image and music and much more...
Your digital magazine, brochure, and catalogs should reflect your corporate identity.


Turn your printed publication into an online interactive e-commerce solution. Insert a shopping cart icon next to your product or service, and create a web link to the checkout on your website (URL).

No Flash Required

Experts do not recommend Flash plugins any longer. The flash plugins is unstable, insecure, and taking up 60% longer time than HTML5 to load.
Read more about
HTML5 vs Flash »

Download all files

Download all files and publish from any web hosting provider and CMS without any connection to UniFlip. Improve your rankings on search engine optimization (SEO). No installation of server software required.


Adding multimedia and interactive web elements onto all parts of the pages make it easy to modify the layout for web use. Convert the printed PDF publication for online usage with interactivity.

Insert images

Add animated images, graphics, pictures, and icons onto all parts of the pages combine with tooltips on mouseover, links, and insert pop-up windows to provide more information for your readers.

Flexible pricing

The price concept is a lot different from other systems on the market, as you only pay for services related to your needs, which we find most fair!
No expensive hosting charges, or monthly, or other hidden fees

Unlimited Hosting

When you buy a full license, there will be included 12 months free web hosting. There are no restrictions on page views, broadband usage, or an unlimited number of readers.

Insert Videos

Embed Vimeo, YouTube, and MP4 videos direct onto the pages, or inside a pop-up window, keep the interest of the readers, and bring your e-publication to life.

Save Time & Money

The system is 100% self-service 24/7, without any waiting time, no matter of your local time-zone. The system creates a personal user account and registers all transactions (including payments).

Powered by YOU

Publish in any company or brand name.

Remove the UniFlip disclaimer everywhere in the e-publication, and publish in your own or any brand name.

Embed & Share

Publish your e-publications on any social media inside an iframe or link to your e-publication. Your readers can also use the share button for email, social media and more when reading.

Insert links

Your readers can click on an advertisement, text, icon, picture or an entire section, and forwarded to an external web page, shopping cart, video presentation or a web page.

24/7/365 days support

We are ready to help you - Just use the contact form and send us your question(s), and you will get an answer within 4 hours.
We know that you have a deadline to catch.

Special promotion until August 31, 2016
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Publish from any web server/domain (URL).

Download all files and publish from another web server than UniFlip. This is a very popular feature for our professional publishers and provides many advantages to our clients.

You will get 100% control over the e-publication, it is a good economical solution, and no need to renew the e-publication license, as it is your forever.

Read about other selected reasons for publishing from your web server:

  • Publish independently of on optional web domains (URL).
  • No installation of software required on the web server.
  • Publish from multiple domains (URL's), including your customers.
  • The e-publication is getting an integrated part of your web page.
  • Integrate the e-publication with the web content and features on your domain (URL).
  • Create an archive for all your downloaded e-publications using your own CMS system.
  • Optimize your web domain (URL) in the search engines' results lists.
  • Edit online and download the files after your corrections.
  • No renewal required when publishing from your web server.
  • Replace the downloaded e-publications, and create new ones at low-cost.

Easy integration with any web server, without installing the software, applications or plugins.

Please note that the e-publication works exactly the same way on all web servers as on

Get started with one license, and get volume discount buying more...

Ændre layout

Ændring af layout og skabelon, så e-tryksagen passer til dit brand, læs mere...

Responsive on all electronic devices

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Full license and replacement fee - combination

Buy minimum one full license, prepare your changes, and activate the license.

Download all files, and publish from any web hosting, if you still want to keep the existing e-publication. *.

After the download of the e-publication, you can upload a new PDF and replace, and once again download the new e-publication.

Example: 12 different editions in a 12 months period:

Buy one full license (USD 79.00) and 11 replacement fees (USD 17.00 each). Please note that you do not need to buy all 11 replacements fees at the same time.

The total price will be USD 266.00 - for 12 different e-publications.

* After download of the files and publishing from any web hosting / domain (URL), you will never have to pay any renewal license.

As long as the full license is valid, use replacement fees unlimited.

What is a replacement fee?

As long as the full license is valid, you can use a unlimited number of replacement fees.

Change the existing e-publication against a small fee.

Download the files and publish from any web server / domain, without any connection to, and upload a new PDF.

Unused replacement fees will be in your account for 24 months after purchase, ready for your activation.
You decide when to replace the existing e-publication.
Change layout and settings, and free download of the files in the 12 months period.
The license period is not extended, and the only difference from a full license.

12 months Full license

Purchase one or more full licenses, and make use of all online editing features and settings for 12 months.

Publish via UniFlip hosting, your own web hosting /domain (URL), Facebook company pages, and all CMS systems.

Buy in bulk, and get volume discount

No startup costs, monthly, or hidden fees.
Upload up to 125MB and 400 pages per PDF.
There is no extra charges for numbers of readers, use of broadband, and multiple users in your UniFlip account.
Change the layout, edit settings and much more for the next 12 months...
Make use of the free 14 days test version, before activation of a license.
When you activate the license, it will be valid for 12 months.
Unused licenses will remain in your account for 24 months after purchase, ready for your activation.
Download the e-publication, and publish from any web hosting, and you will never have to renew the license.
Make use of the replacement fees, and create new e-publications at a low price.
Free updates, access the system from any computer and support 24/7/365 days.

Get animated banner ads

Insert the banner (including a link for the e-publication) on the front or another page on your web page, and get more attention from your readers.

We are manual setting up your banner ads, and therefore it is important to get the correct information before our graphic designer's starts.

Important information about banner ads:

After the payment, you will receive an e-mail with the invoice. Forward this e-mail to us with the information as follows:

Insert the web link for the e-publication.

Inform, if you want a double or single page banner.

Banner size - height (px) + width (px).

After receiving your informations it will take 4-6 hours to create the animated banner ad after receiving your information.

When the banner is ready, we will send you an e-mail with the banner included.

Banner ad, single page Sample, single page banner

single page banner ad

Banner ad, double page Sample, double page banner

double page banner ad

12 months renewal license

Renew the e-publication at a special low price, and get exactly the same benefits as a 12 months full license.

Free replacement of the PDF is included

If you want to change to a new edition, replace the existing e-publication, and the web link (URL) will stay the same.

Continue to use replacement fees.

After renewing use, the replacement fees and makes low-cost replacements of your PDF.

When can you renew?

A full license must be valid on your account and can be renewed 30 days prior to expiration, or if the license already expired.

You decide when to renew, and the e-publication will be valid for the next 12 months.
Make use of the replacement fees, and create new e-publications at a low price for the next 12 months.
Download the e-publication and publish from any web hosting / domain (URL).
There is no differences between a full and renewal license, except that you must renew an existing license.

Publish in any company name

One-time fee, you can change, replace, or delete "Powered by UniFlip" with your own text.

Offer online PDF publications to your clients as your own product, and customize the design to suit any branding, and our name is never seen by the readers.

If you have more clients or companies, you can change the white label text on each e-publication.

Get access to a PDF upload form - insert the form on your own web page or intranet, and offer your visitors to upload and convert PDF into flipbooks.

Customize "Powered by UniFlip" on existing e-publications on the account.

UniFlip white label solution

Change, or remove "Powered by UniFlip", when the readers right-click on the e-publication.

Change, or remove "Powered by UniFlip below the navigation menu.

Publish thousands of e-publications

Activate, replace and renew the e-publications on your account without any limits.

Full licenses and renewed licenses will be valid for 12 months from the date of activation, even if the unlimited license package has expired.

Fixed price and you know your cost for the next 12 months.
Activate a unlimited number of full and renewal licenses, and make use of the replacement fees without any limits.
There are no extra charges for numbers of readers, use of broadband use, and multiple users in your UniFlip account
Embed an upload form on your web page, and your clients can upload a PDF directly to your UniFlip account.
With an unlimited license, you can also renew all e-publications free.
Full licenses or renewal licenses activated before the date of expiration will still be valid, even if the unlimited package expired.

Get started immediately - The system will assign the purchase to your account after the payment.