Download and publish from your Website!

Download all files and publish publications online without any connection to UniFlip.

Why is it crucial for my Website?

Publishing from your web host is important for you and your website on any PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile device.

You probably know the advantages already, but we recommend that you still read this page.

A significant advantage of downloading is that your online publications are getting keyword optimized, and it applies not only to your online publications but also to your other website content.

Search engines can only find your texts and content when the locations of the online publications are on your Web host/site.

If you use services such as UniFlip hosting, the result lists will not display and link to your website, but the service you are using.
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What about redirect and iframes?

If the location of your online publication is on a third-party web host, and it redirects to your website, or you insert the link inside an iframe code, your website will not get rewards for keyword search and link juice.

Therefore, there is no shortcut to "cheat" search engines with redirection and insertion inside an iframe.

You get even more benefits as you can read about on this web page.

How to transfer to your Web host?

You can publish the mobile-friendly online publications using any CMS system without the installation of plugins and software.

After finishing editing the publication on your UniFlip account, download the files. It is free and included in the license fee.

The folder you download contains keyword files and other files, so the publication can be published with flipping pages without any connection to the UniFlip servers.

Create a subfolder(s) on your website and transfer the downloaded files to the folder from which you want to publish the online publication.

Insert the web link from the subfolder, for example, "/2017/February/html5.html/," in texts and images on the website and email.

If you want to use iframe code via your CMS system, the search engines will find the keywords on your Website.

Online publications can also act like a "regular" website via the file "index.html" and are an inexpensive way to get online.

You or your webmaster must have access to the web space via FTP or something similar. Contact your webmaster if there are issues with setup.

It is easy to create online publications and publish from own Website

Download the zip file to your PC and extract.

Transfer the files to your web host/server.

The online publication is ready to be published in a mobile-friendly design for your website.

What are the economic benefits?

Downloading is free and included in the license, as well as replacement fees.

When you are using your Web host/site, you get many economic benefits.

After downloading and the transferring the files to your web host, you can convert and replace the existing online publication with a new PDF for an extraordinarily low price (replacement fee).

The online publications are yours forever, and you do not need to renew every 12 months when you publish from your Website.

There are also savings in administration of renewals, and you do not lose your online publications if you decide to stop using the UniFlip system.

UniFlip is the only system on the market that offers to download since our business concept is not to make money on web hosting and 3rd-party advertising. .

UniFlip customers are professional marketing specialists who know the importance of publishing from their website.

Therefore, that is why we have chosen to offer a flexible service in high quality for the professional publisher market.

You get both more quality on the Website as well as an economic saving

You will also get economical savings, in addition to all the other benefits!

What are my specific benefits?

You get many advantages when you publish from your web host/site. We have compiled a small selection of your advantages here:

  • The search engines evaluate your website via the number of visits and keywords on your desktop PC and mobile devices.
  • Publish without any connection to UniFlip servers and have full control over the files.
  • There are no 3rd party advertising or competitor publications as practiced elsewhere.
  • Your website's existing tracking code automatically detects traffic and statistics from your visitors.
  • Use any CMS-systems sales module, login module, databases, create archives, and more.
  • It is more professional if your readers visit your website when they read your online publications.
  • You can create landing pages, via a PDF file, for promotions and similar projects and get more visits to your website.
  • The combination of keywords and visits to your website gives a higher ranking on the search engine results.
  • You do not lose online publications if you stop using UniFlip because the files are still on your web host.

Also, there are several other advantages, such as the resale of online publications, and you may offer to host for your clients.

Please note that many major professional companies and organizations require that the online publications be located and published via their web host/site.

You get many benefits by publishing on your Website

The search engines will reward your website

Publish without any connection to UniFlip

No third party advertising or competitor publications

Use your Website tracking codes

100 % integration with your CMS system

The readers visit your website when reading

Create special promotions via PDF

Higher ranking on the results lists

You never lose your online publications

SEO - more important than ever!

The number of internet site increases significantly, and it is important to be at the forefront of the quality of content on your Website so that search engines will find relevant keywords.

Keywords are the key to your Website ' success when indexed by search engines online (including mobile devices), and contributes to, that your Website will get a higher ranking.

When the online publication is on your Web host/site, then it is your texts and content that appear and link to your Website in results lists by searches on PC, Mac, tablets, and mobile devices.

Keywords relevant to internet users appear more often, and clicks on the links to your website are rewarded by search engines, which gives your entire website a higher ranking.

On the other hand, if the texts and content are not on your web host/site, it is no longer your website that is displayed, linked to, and rewarded by the search engines.

Therefore, the location of your online publications should always be on your Web host/site, and your Website will get higher ranking on the results lists.

See the graphic below.
How to get the best SEO publications online?

When publishing from another Web host than yours, you will not get keyword optimization or link juice from search engines. Publish from your website and get rewards by search engines Your website is not optimized for search engines

3rd party web host

You Web host


3rd party Website (URL)

You Website (URL)



Your website get rewareded by search engines
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The results list display and link to your Website.

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If the location of the online publication is not on your web host, you will not get link juice and search engine rewards.
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