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Marketing | Publish PDF Flip Page on Facebook.

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How to post your e-publication to millions of readers - It's free!

Step 1: Log into your Facebook account, and make sure you have administrator rights

Please note, that if you do not already have a Facebook company page, you can set one up here - Facebook, before you continue.

After logging into your Facebook account, search for the plugin "Static HTML."

Create a Facebook company business page and publish
Step 2: Add "Static HTML" to your Facebook account

You can also visit the developer "Static HTML" and follow the instructions to set up the app on your account.

If you have more Facebook company pages, then choose a company page, and publish your PDF publication.

Install Static HTML plugin on your FB account
Step 3: Embed the iframe code from your e-publication into "Static HTML."

After adding "Static HTML," click "Setup," and a tab for your e-publication will be added.

UniFlip, insert the iframe code on you Facebook company page

Go to your UniFlip account and "Edit and publish" next to the PDF publication in the list view.

On the "Edit and Publish" page, you will find the iframe (embed) code below the tab "Publish online," follow the instructions on "Static HTML." You have now posted the PDF publication on your Facebook company page.

All changes and updates made on your UniFlip account will automatically update on your Facebook page in real-time.

Publish PDF publications on Facebook - embed the iframe code

Facebook Marketing: Your advantages!

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Facebook is one of the most important hubs for social media on the internet, and will consequently become one of the most important marketing channels for companies and organizations.

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