Sell PDF to Flipbooks from Your website!

Grow your business and make money; let your clients convert their PDF into Flipbooks from your website.

Resell PDF to Flipbooks - it is free!

Invite your website visitors to convert their PDF into Flipbooks on your website and make money.

How does this partner solution work?

You design and create a landing page and embed the PDF transfer form via your CMS system.

Your visitors can now transfer their PDF to your UniFlip account for conversion into a Flipbook.

When the conversion is ready, the system sends an email including the client information and a web link for the Flipbook to your email.

Follow up, contact your potential customer by telephone or by email.

Attract new customers, and you might become responsible for managing the new client´s future publications.

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You want the UniFlip domain and brand to be invisible.

Buy the partner package and get an anonymous web link for the online Flipbook.

See an example of an anonymous web link here ».

The partner package also allows changing or deleting "Powered by UniFlip", and publishing in your company name.


Resell online publication on your website

Sell conversion of PDF to
Flipbooks from your Web site!

Create a landing page for the transfer form on your website

Create a landing page including the
transfer form on your website.

Embed the PDF upload
form on your website.

How do I earn money?

When using the new transfer form on your website, you can sell conversion of PDF to Flipbooks to existing and new accounts.

It is an easy solution developed especially for UniFlip users, and it is free.

Attract new customers with your new service

With the PDF transfer form on your website, you will get potential customers, and maybe even the future production of publications.

After conversion of a PDF on your UniFlip account, the system will email you a notification with the client information and a web link (URL) to the Flipbook.

You contact the customer by phone or via email and offer customization, modification, and optimization of the flip page publication.

Increase revenue from your existing accounts

Your current customers may already be using a different system for Flipbooks, and you may lose income and control of your client.

Inform your current customers and partners about the new service on your website, so that they can create flip page publications.

It is your business!

You set the prices, and of course, charge an hourly salary for setting up and customizing of the Flipbooks.

All communication will be between you and your customers, and we do not make any contact with your accounts.

Set the prices for your work and conversion of the PDF

Offer your clients customizing the template design for the publication for online use, and charge hourly pricing.

Increase revenue from existing customers

When you create publications for clients, then offer additional pricing for conversion, set up and publish on your client´s website.

Get rewarded for your creativity

Deployment of interactive web elements on the pages provides entirely new possibilities, and you get payment for the creative work when setting up the Flipbook for clients.

Promote your new web page embedded with the transfer form

Send a newsletter with a web link for the transfer form on your website.

What does it cost?

It is free for all users to embed the PDF transfer form from any web page (URL).

Save time and resources

The majority of our users are graphic designers, advertising agencies, SEO agencies, print companies, larger enterprises, webmasters, freelancers, PR agencies, etc., and the PDF transfer form, saves valuable time and contributes to increased profits.

Transfer your PDF directly from a browser on your PC or Mac computer to your UniFlip account, and the conversion to a Flipbook will start.

In this way, you can log in to your UniFlip account and edit, customize and publish when you have time.

Create guest users

In the section, "My account" you can create guest users and it makes the system perfect for larger enterprises, as you can collaborate with your team.

Buy the partner package and resell in your brand name

Publish the online Flipbooks from an anonymous web link, see an example here ».

The partner package also allows you to edit the default text, - "Powered by UniFlip", Read more about the partner package »

Increase your earning, it is free to use the transfer form

Increase your earnings; embed the transfer form free on your web page!

What are the benefits of the partner package?

Use the system as your own without revealing that you are using UniFlip for the conversions.

  • Publish your flip page publications via an anonymous web link (URL), which you can forward to your customers; see an example here ».
  • Edit the text with "Powered by UniFlip" and insert your company name.
  • Flipbooks uploaded from the transfer form are located in a separate folder, so it is easy to organize your UniFlip account.
  • Embed your captcha code on the transfer form (for example, Google reCaptcha ).

The partner package is very popular among our users that resell flip page publications, and do not want UniFlip to be visible.

You will pay a one-time fee for a lifetime use of the partner package and can resell and publish in your brand name.

Combine with the "12 months of unlimited license package"

By combining the partner package and unlimited license package, you know the cost of using the system in a 12 month period.

You can activate, replace, and renew thousands and thousands of Flipbooks, and it will be cheaper the more Flipbooks you have online.

So get started selling flip page publications from your website and increase your earnings.

Anonymous web link for the Flipbooks

When you choose the partner package, the Flipbooks will be on an anonymous domain (URL); see an example here ».

Edit or delete "Powered by UniFlip"

Replace the default text with your brand name on strategic placements in the Flipbooks.

Organizing your client's Flipbooks

The flip page publications are in a separate folder so that you have an overview.

Insert your captcha code

Insert an own captcha code and avoid the bots and spammers uploading on your website and UniFlip account.

Start - Step by Step

1. Where do you find the PDF transfer form?

Go to "My account" and view the instructions for setting up and customizing the transfer form.

Advanced users with knowledge of HTML, can customize the entire design, and contact form (contact your Webmaster).

2. Change input field texts and warnings

You can modify the texts in the fields or delete fields you find unnecessary.

3. Test your PDF transfer form

Try using the form in the browser on your PC or Mac computer and see how the system works.

Customize texts and alerts, and click on "View the transfer form."

Transfer a PDF and the conversion begins immediately on your UniFlip account after the system has received the PDF.

4. Where do I find the converted PDF?

On the left side on your account, you will locate the list of folders.

The first time you are using the transfer form, the system creates a new folder, and all Flipbooks will be in this folder.

5. Download the PDF transfer form

Go to the section "Download form" and follow the instructions; insert the form on your website.

Create a landing page on your website

Design and create a web page and combine the transfer form with targeted information for your visitors.

Remember to inform your clients about your new service via your newsletter.

Where is the transfer form located?

The form is in the section "My account," and you can customize the texts.

Change text and warnings

Insert own texts, as users will fill out or remove the input fields.

Upload a PDF and test the transfer form

Transfer a PDF using the transfer form in a browser directly from your PC or MAC computer.

Where is the location of the flip page publication?

When using the transfer form, the Flipbooks always is always located in a separate folder.

Download the PDF transfer form

After changing the texts and warnings, download the HTML code and embed it on your web page.
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Convert your PDF to flip pages immediately.
Credit cards not needed!

Click on "My account" and the tab "PDF transfer form."

Where do you find the transfer form?

Click "Edit form" for changing
the text for the input fields and warnings.

Modify the text field and warnings

See the transfer form and upload a PDF
to your UniFlip account from your browser.

See the transfer form and upload a PDF

On the left side, you will find
the Flipbook in a separate folder.

where will I find the publications transferred via the form?

After editing the text field, download the PDF transfer form.

download the PDF transfer form
Get started immediately - The system will assign the purchase to your account after the payment.