Who is UniFlip Inc.?

Market-leading software for the Internet, based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Who is UniFlip Inc.?

UniFlip is a development company and market leader in the transformation of traditional PDF print to digitization and reproduction of e-publications via all electronic platforms.

With more than 35 years of experience in the IT industry, we do understand the questions and critical factors there are often asked when used cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Therefore, we own our web servers (IBM Enterprise servers) and software used for the operation and hosting of our users ' and own data.

Companies, organizations, advertising and marketing specialists and associations in more than 79 countries are using UniFlip for creating and publishing of digital e-publications with interactivity.

UniFlip Inc. is a member of international organizations within the field of software development, so our users are always on the front of the latest technology, as well as international standards.

World Wide Online Publishing

PDF to online publication, and publish world wide today! Get maximum security with UniFlip

Online self-service - 24/7

More than 100,000 professionals from more than 79 countries are using the UniFlip cloud solution on a daily basis.

One of the secrets behind our international success of self-service solution is that the users can work with the system without waiting, regardless of geography and time zones.

The system is easy to use and been tested for many years; you create an account, upload the PDF and customize the design and settings.

Self-publish on all digital platforms (PC, MAC, tablets, and mobile devices) and Facebook in HTML5 format (responsive), without the knowledge of advanced technology, programming, software, plugins, or apps.

A result of our business concept is, among other things; low prices, and since the system is very user-friendly, and users avoid unnecessary time and cost for support and administration.

Get started - 24/7

Online Self-Service

Self-service with efficient and quick support 24 hours a day

Unique price concept!

We are not like any other, and there are no monthly or annual fees, costs for start-up or costs, or long-term contracts.

You pay only for the services used, and we include 12 months free hosting (Security-SSL encrypted) with unlimited traffic and access to all editing and publishing opportunities.

If you have many e-publications and documents the 12-month license package are perfect, as you can create, renew and replace thousands of e-printing industry, and you know the annual cost in advance.

We allow for download and publishing from your web host/CMS system, without any connection to the UniFlip servers.

After the download is the e-publication yours forever, and you do not need to any renewal license fees.

Flexible price concept make it more economical for our users

Contact information

You are of course always welcome to contact us if you have any questions, and/or want to get transform, a greater number of e-publications.

contact form Contact form is used for fast response (24/7), saving both parties time and resources.

Contact data:

UniFlip Inc.
Tune Parkvej 5
DK-4030 Tune

CEO Kim T. Rasmussen
Phone: +45 7022 7069
Company #: DK2128 8985
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Bank information:

Sydbank A/S
Jernbanevej 4
DK-2800 Lyngby

Swift: SYBKDK22
IBAN: DK1467480001042843
Bank account #; USD: 6748-0009402502
Bank account #; EUR: 6748-0009402916
Bank account #; DKR: 6748-0001046232

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Keyword Optimization (SEO)

Download your e-publications and publish via your web host/website (URL), which gives you many advantages.

Search engines must find keywords from the e-publication on your site (URL), which optimizes the placement by searches on the Internet.

Therefore, if you want your Web page to be displayed and linked to on the result lists, the e-publications must be published from the same web host as your website.

Please note, re-directs from other web hotel do not reward your Web site, but only the web host location of your files.

Content from the e-publication also contributes to a general higher ranking of your Web page in the results lists and search engines ' databases.

There are several significant advantages of publishing from your website:

Market-leading software for the Internet, based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) SEO NO SEO YES

3rd party web host

Your web host


3rd party website

Your website (URL)



  • Keep the full control over the e-publication, without any link UniFlip domains.
  • Use your CMS-system sales module, login module, databases; build a private archive for publications, and more.
  • It is more professionally when your readers visit your Web page location of the e-publication.
  • No need for installation of software on the server and plugins in visitors ' browsers.
  • Create landing pages for campaigns via a PDF, and get more visitors to your website.
  • When publishing from your website, you can create new e-publications using the low-cost replacement fees).
  • No renewal license fee when the e-publications published from your website.
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