Convert any PDF into flip page formatdigital publishing, PDF flip books (html5)

Digital publishing tool - Convert PDF to Flip books

User-friendly, no knowledge or programming skills required

Download and publish from any web host/domain (URL)

The market leader, prices from USD 17.00 (all incl.)

Multi-language publishing in flip page format, support 24/7

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Publish flyers i flip page format including a web shopCreate online sales with an integrated web shop

Online sales flyers with a shopping cart (e-commerce)

Increase your sales; sell products and service (web shop)

Receive orders and requests directly from your online catalog

User-friendly integration of your products and services

Your customers can print & email wish list from the sales flyer

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Breaking news : Included in all pricing - at no cost

Increase your profit resell pdf to flip pagesPDF catalogs, magazines, brochures and other documents in page flip format

Expand your business, resell PDF in page flip format

Offer your clients to set up the HTML5 e publication

Embed a PDF upload form on your web site for your clients

You charge hourly for finalizing the flip page publication

Keep old customers and get new with your new web service

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Publish interactive electronic brochures on the webGet more readers with a dynamic e-brochure

Digital flipbooks with web elements on pages

Create stunning and interactive publications in flip page format

Add information with HTML5 elements (like a web page)

Change your PDF into a web page (landing page)

User-friendly set up, no encoding required

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Insert forms for user login and registrationUser-friendly set up of the forms, no coding required

Insert forms for user login and registration

Prevent unauthorized access, add a password form

Let your users register before reading your online magazine

Use your online publication for collecting new leads

User-friendly set up of the forms, no coding required

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Reach millions of readers on your Facebook pageSee Hong Kong Airport online magazinePublish on Facebook

Reach millions of readers on your Facebook page!

Publish flip books on your Facebook company page

All features will be working on Facebook, just like on the web

Fast and easy integration, without any encoding or knowledge

Get access to millions of new customers with FB marketing

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Convert Your PDF to Flip Pages now;
no credit card needed.
Convert your PDF to a Flip Book (HTML5), online publishing software

UniFlip converts documents, reports, catalogs, and magazines into flip page, multimedia format with turnable pages.

Digital publications can be distributed electronically to customers, suppliers, retailers, clients and others.

UniFlip is an unique online 24/7 self-publishing platform and requires no software installation.

The layout allows for an enhanced browsing experience, as readers casually flip through your publication.

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Publish in interactive flip page format; perfect for any publications:
  • Sales flyers and brochures
  • Newsletters
  • User manuals
  • Education
  • Member magazines
  • Campaign newspapers
  • Real Estate listings
  • School publications (intranet)
  • Magazines and catalogs
  • Product presentations
  • Corporate newsletters
  • Project plans
  • Annual reports
  • Strategy presentations
  • Press Releases
  • Landing pages for web
Google Mobile-Friendly

Passed Google
Mobile-Friendly Test

Responsive HTML5

Responsive HTML5

Worldwide publishing in your reader´s language

World Wide Publishing

Menu and help texts translated into 23 different languages.
Switch the reading direction from left to right (Chinese, Arabic, and Hebrew!)

Create flip pages from pdfturn your pdf to page flipnice to the envirorment, save paperHigh quality and fast conversionRed cross has been a client for many yearscompany strategy will save the envirorement

Flexible and user-friendly

Flexibility and user-friendly interface!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All text in the PDF Flip Book will be visible to the search engines after the conversion, and it is crucial if you want your domain to have a higher ranking on the result list.

When the e-brochure is on the domain as your web host, the search engines list your web site (URL) along with keywords on the search results.

The benefits from search engine optimization are often an overlooked advantage and help your domains ranking on the internet.

Get more readers and visitors than ever, upload your e-publication to your web host/domain (URL).

Market-leading software for the Internet, based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)SEO NOSEO YES

3rd party web host

Your web host


3rd party website

Your website (URL)



Optimize your domain ranking on search engines,
download and publish from your web hosting.

Self-Service - 24/7

The system is 100% automated and open 24 hours a day, and you do not need to contact us personally to get started.

  • Your user account is automatically setup by the system.
  • Upload a PDF, and it will get converted to flipping pages.
  • Customize design settings and embed web elements.
  • When the e-publication is ready, paid online by credit card, and you activate the license.

Our clients are professional marketing specialists from more than 79 countries, which all have a deadline.

If you have any questions or need support, use the contact form, and we will answer maximum 4 hours after.


Self-service - Convert PDF to flipping pages

User-Friendly, easy to learn

It is a fast and easy-to-learn technique, and no education or encoding are required.

We have created a range of design features to make your content stand out in the market.

Customize the template; insert logo, change colors, add web elements and more.

Choose from 23 different languages when you convert your PDF into flip pages, and your readers will see tooltips and navigation text in their language.

The easy-to-learn technique, no education or encoding required.

No software required

The HTML5 encoding, which is the newest standard for web content; ensuring that you do not need to install any software on the web server/hosting, or plugins in browsers or mobile devices.

Integrate the e-publication with any CMS system without installing any software on the web server.

After downloading the e-publication, and publishing from your web hosting/domain (URL), you can use any payment software, password forms, registration form, databases and more.

Integrate the e-publication with any CMS system without installing any software on the web server

Flexible pricing

The price concept is a lot different from other systems on the market, as you only pay for services related to your needs, which we find most fair!

No hosting charges, monthly or hidden fees, or long-term contracts.

If you want to stop using the system, you will not lose e-publication already published.

There will be no charges for UniFlip web hosting after downloading the e-publication, and after the download, the e-publication will be yours forever.

No extra charges for UniFlip web hosting

Editing features

What are my editing options?

Change general settings

There are many opportunities to customize the general settings in the e-publication.

Import all settings from other e-publications and save time and resources.

  • Text & number search
  • Tracking code
  • Change page size
  • 23 different languages
  • Read right-to-left
  • Password protection
  • Welcome text and logo
  • Remove page shadow
  • Breaking news banner
  • Double, or single pages
  • Background music
  • Archive

The above features are just a minor selection of your options for customization of the e-publication.

It is easy to change settings

Change general settings to your e-publication.

Customize to any corporate identity

E-publications must reflect your corporate identity, for example, design and settings can be customized, and your e-publication appears unique and not similar to others on the market.

  • Insert logo or images in the template
  • Changing colors (menu, icons. and background)
  • Add background image (i.e. animated)
  • Change page numbering
  • Remove menu icons
  • Upload own menu icons
  • Remove keyword files and PDF
  • and more ...
It is easy to customize the layout

Customize the design to any Corporate identity.

Add web elements on the pages

Give the readers information, which is not possible in traditional printed publications, add web elements on the pages.

  • YouTube, Vimeo, MP4
  • Web links
  • Internal page links
  • Email links
  • Dialog windows (pop-up)
  • Icons and images
  • Animated gif files
  • Visible texts on pages New
  • Tooltips
  • Link for shopping cart
  • Google Maps
  • and more.

Adding web elements allow setting up dynamic landing pages, example; product presentations, special offers, promotional pages, and other landing pages.

Upload a PDF with "empty" pages and setup a landing page with interactive web elements.

Adding web elements on the pages is fast and easy with our new tool

If you have embedded hyperlinks in the PDF before the upload, they will be active after the conversion.

Create and insert web forms

Add two different web forms that readers must fill in before accessing your e-publication.

Create input text and the information that you want readers to enter.

Registration forms:

Insert the registration form, and collect your reader´s data (for example; email, name, address, telephone, and more) on the user account.

Also, you can give the visitors the option of signing up for newsletters or other activities.

Login and password forms

Prevent unauthorized access to the e-publication; i.e. paying readers, subscribers and more.

You can quickly create individual login name and password on your user account.

Add registration and password form to your flip brochure

Collect your readers' data, which can be downloaded (CSV format) on your user account.

Publish to millions of readers

Publish mobile-friendly e-publications - Everywhere!

Web link (URL)

Copy the web link (URL) and paste into any web page, email, or social media.

Choose the domain(s) for publishing your e-publication:

  • UniFlip web hosting (including 12 months free hosting with a full license).
  • Download the e-publication and publish from any web hosting/domain (URL).

E-publications are always shown with flipping pages, regardless of your choice of web hosting, and there are no advertising or competing publications.

Publish PDF with flipping pages from any web host/domain (URL)

E-publish on any web page (iframes)

Insert a code (iframe), and the e-publication appears, along with all the other content on your web page.

Copy the iframe code from your user account, and paste it into any web page, as when inserting a YouTube video.

You can also use an iframe after downloading the files and publish from another web hosting/domain separate from UniFlip, read more.

Publish e-publications via an iframe together with your other web content

E-publish from your CMS system

Use your existing CMS system without installing software, apps, or plug-ins in browsers or on a web server.

Insert e-publications on your web pages via iframe or a link (URL) the same way you embed YouTube videos.

E-publish from any CMS systems; WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, Bigcommerce, Google sites, Wix, and more!

PDFs with flipping pages resize automatically (responsive design), along with the rest of your web content.

Use any CMS system without installing software, apps, or plug-ins in browsers or on a web server.

Download and publish online

E-publish from any web host/CMS system, without any connection to UniFlip.

No installation of software, plug-ins, or apps is needed, and you can publish your e-publication without any problems on any web host.

The e-publication is yours forever after you download it, and you will not have to pay a renewal license fee.

The search engine results will list only keywords when they are located together with the web host and domain (URL). Read more about search engine optimization.

Download the e-publication, and publish from any web host/domain (URL)

Facebook Marketing

Optimize your marketing; get free access to millions of readers and visitors to your Facebook page.

After you have finished editing your dynamic publication, then publish it on the company's Facebook page.

Posting on Facebook pages is also possible, although the e-publication is posted from another web hosting since there is Facebook app associated with UniFlip.

Read more about the posting on Facebook pages here »

Mobile-Friendly design

Post on your Facebook web page
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Convert Your PDF to Flip Pages now;
no credit card needed.

Sell your products from e-catalogs and sales flyers in flip page format. Activate the build-in web shop.

Hong Kong Airport presentation. Embed video and interactive graphics and publish online.

Get some inspiration for your Halloween catalogs, create stunning effects after converting your PDF into a flip book.

Boost your sales on Black Friday. Sell your products via the web shop and get orders from your sales flyer.

Create and publish a Christmas magazine with a calendar and interactivity.

The search engines display and link to your website.

Online publication title

The search engines do not display and link to your website.

Online e-publications, title
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